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We have created a detailed Kayaks buyer's guide for you covering all the necessary details and information about kayaking and paddling. It comprises of pros, cons, precautions and best kayaks to start with!

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Kayak Buyer's Guides

Best Tandem Kayak
Tandem Kayaks are built and designed for the paddlers who love to paddle in a group. It is a great[...]
Best Folding Kayak
Kayaking is a wonderful experience that can give you adrenaline rush. However, getting a kayak to or from the water[...]
Best Fishing Kayak
Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activity and loved by many. There are lots of ways to go in[...]
Best Inflatable Kayak 2020
Inflatable kayaks have made the kayaking easier than ever before. It has brought kayaking to the reach of people who[...]
Best Sit-On-Top Kayak (SOT)
Sit on Kayaks also known as SOT are quiet popular among paddlers. They gives more mobility to the kayaker, easy[...]

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Inflatable Kayak vs Hardshell
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