Kayak Review Online is a group of professional kayakers who are going to discuss about the Best Kayaks, safety guides, Kayaking accessories, and a lot more about Kayaking.

All the articles are backed by extensive research and study. The main motive of creating this website is providing almost all the information related to Kayaks at one place.

How do we actually Review?

We are a team of Kayak Enthusiasts who are trying to provide an unbiased review on everything related to industry.

There is a lot of research and analysis take place before publishing a review. Since, listing any kayak as best comes with a responsibility of reader’s safety.

We collect views and information from active Kayakers and professionals who understand the activity. After that we create list from such views and suggestion and place them in an article with both positive and negative views.

In that way, users have both the perspective of all the products and can decide rationally!

All our reviews are UNBIASED!

All the reviews about Kayaks, Kayaking accessories & other products are written objectively. We DO NOT take dictation from any company and tweak our list accordingly.

All these reviews are written for the assistance of Kayakers not for benefiting any company. KayakReviewOnline is a sole kayaking community without a back of any Kayaking company.

Meet Our Team

meet our team, who are we, Kayakreviewonline team, Kayak Review Online team


LEO writer, LEO, LEO Kayak Review Online Writer, LEO writer, LEO

Does all the reviews and writing work!

Leo himself is a Kayaker and understand Kayaks to their very core. You can call him Kayak scientist. He has been kayaking since 10 years now. We are really humbled to have him as our main review writer.



Anthony handles the technical side of the website. He handles all the coding stuff and oversees that users are getting utmost experience. He has 5 years of experience in coding and web development. If the site loads for you within 1 second, you should thank Anthony!



TOM is a marketer who market all the amazing content created on Kayakreviewonline. He make sure that our content reaches the right people at the right time. He has been handling many marketing projects for 7 years now.


If you are planing to contact any of our team member for listing your brands to our list without studying or trying them. Then I am sorry we won’t accept these guide of paid reviews on our site.

Our main focus is to provide quality to our readers rather than giving them a paid list of brands.

Why you Should rely on our Reviews?

You might be wondering that why you should base your judgement on our reviews;

So let’s read it out!

  • We provide you both positive and negative impact of all the products – pros and cons of almost all products listed on our reviews.
  • In-dept individual product reviews for better understanding of each and every product.
  • Open comments to discuss and share views on our reviews.
  • Proper researched and experience based points.
  • NO PAID REVIEWS – all are unbiased reviews.

Moreover, we are always open for your honest contribution for the community. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.