Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review

Finding a good kayak for kids requires a lot of research; as you have to take care of both safety and stability. Most of the parents give their child adult’s kayak which can be dangerous. Since, adult’s kayaks require particular size and strength to handle which is way beyond the capacity of a kid.

It is the reason that one should look for kid’s kayak. And when I say choose a Kid kayak then one name that come to my mind is Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak. It is a great kid’s kayak with lots of amazing safety features. In order to talk about it in detail, I am sharing a detailed review with you on this.

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak Review

So here I will be sharing a complete Youth Wave review with you so that you can make a rational judgement.

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Overall Length 6ft
Paddle Included
Weight Capacity 130 lbs
Weight 18 lbs
Material High Density Polyethylene
Cockpit Ergonomic Design
Carrying Handles Yes
Stability Reverse Chine for enhanced stability


Comfort Level

Youth Wave kayak is very much comfortable for long hour paddling. Although there are no seat pads, but still kids find it very comfortable. Moreover, there are multiple molded footrest positions that adds to the comfort of your paddling.

There is also a swim up deck given on the back of the kayak to easily sit back on the ‘yak.


Youth Wave ‘yak is made up of high-density polyethylene of HDPE which adds to the durability and flexibility of this kayak. The material also makes the kayak UV protected making it a long-term investment.


It is one of the prime feature to look for any kayak whether for kids or adults. Youth Wave kayak is considered as one of the most stable kayaks for kids. Stability comes from its amazing design as makers have added a reverse chine to make it even more stable. Moreover, its wide stance adds to its stability while paddling.

Ergonomic Cockpit

Lifetime Youth Wave has ergonomic Cockpit design which enhances the balance and motor skills.

Moreover, there are also scupper holes in the cockpit area in case water comes inside the kayak so it can be drained out!


The kayak only weighs 18 lbs and there are molded finger handles on the side which makes it easy to transport to or from the water. Your kid won’t need any help to transport this kayak.

Weight Capacity

Despite of being a light weight kayak, Youth Wave has a weight capacity of 130 lbs.


Different Prices

There are many sellers out there who are charging different price for different colors. Moreover, there are also multiple sellers selling the same product which create a kind of confusion among people.


Let me list out some of the key features of Lifetime Youth Wave for you!

  • It has ergonomic Cockpit design which enhances the balance and motor skills.
  • Molded finger handles on the site to carry it to or from the water.
  • It has a reverse chine which enhances the stability.
  • It weighs only 18 lbs and have a weight capacity of 130 lbs.
  • Available in many colors
  • Molded paddle cradle.

Buying Advice

You should always read the warranty first before buying Youth Wave. Always read everything before getting it for yourself.

There are lots of sellers in the market and some are shady as well so you should read the reviews of the seller before buying. Although there are few people who have faced issues with few sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it come with Seat Pads?

A. No it does not come with seat pads but still its molded design is very comfortable and loved by kid paddlers.

Q. Does it come with a Paddle?

A. Yes, it comes with a paddle and there is also a molded paddle cradle.

Q. Will it be stable on rivers?

A. Yes, it can be stable on rivers; however, it also depends on the age of paddler a kid of 7 to 12 years can easily handle this kayak on rivers.

Conclusion – Should I buy it?

This was my complete Lifetime Youth wave kayak review for you and I have put both positives and negatives in front of you. Based on this review you can easily make a rationale judgement.

If you are a parent and looking for a stable kids kayak then Youth Wave is the one to go for as it has all the basic safety features. However, do read the warranty clause before purchasing from any seller you want.

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