Perception Tribe 9.5 Sit On Top Kayak

Perception Kayaks is one of the most popular companies who is famous for creating some of the best recreational kayaks available in the market – Tribe 9.5 is one of them. Perception Tribe 9.5 is one of the best kayaks which is designed to stay stable and perform well in high tides.

In order to talk about Tribe 9.5 in detail, I have decided to write a research-extensive and in-depth Perception Tribe 9.5 review for you guys.

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Perception Tribe 9.5 Sit on Top Kayak Review

Now without wasting much of your time, let’s start discussing about the pros, cons, advantages and specification of Tribe 9.5.


Length 9 feet 6 Inches
Weight Capacity 300 Pounds
Weight 46 Pounds
Depth 16.25 inches
Person One
Carrying Handles Yes


Sleek Hull Design

One of the greatest thing about Perception Tribe 9.5 is its hull design. It is designed in a way to ensure greater stability on various water conditions. You can take this kayak in ocean, calm lakes, bays, and rivers and still can experience greater stability.

The Hull design is also helpful in ensuring speed and maneuverability. Even a beginner paddler can easily handle this kayak.

Comfort Level

Perception has taken Comfort level seriously with its Tribe 9.5. It comes with premium seating and a Comfort Seating system that has thick ventilated paddling. The seats are adjustable that recline forward and backward for comfortable paddling posture. You can also folds the seats flat for additional storage.

Tribe 9.5 also comes with multiple footrest positions so that different size of paddlers can easily fit in and paddler comfortably. In order to get easy access to your beverages and drink, it has a cup holder at the front of the seats.


Tribe 9.5 is the safest Sit on top kayak on our list. It comes with a built-in buoyancy which is really handy in case of emergency situation. The greater stability level is another safety feature that keeps you drier and safe on water while paddling.


It has spacious front and rear compartments that come with a bungee to tie down your gears and bags. There is also one hatch given at the centre to store all your other stuffs.


Tribe 6.4 is a lightweight sit on top kayak which makes it easily transportable. Additionally, it has moulded carry handles that further make the transportation easy. There are also two toggle handles given at both bow and stern that assist in easy carrying.


No Dry Storage

Having no Dry-storage on a Sit On top Kayak is not really fair I guess. I think Perception Kayak should have given at least a small dry hatch for water-sensitive equipment. So, to carry your phones and all, you will have to carry your own water-resistant bag.

What makes Tribe 9.5 Best?

You might be wondering that what are some of the features that make Tribe 9.5 the best Sit on Top kayak as our view. Therefore, I have just shared a list of some of features of it.

  • Highly Comfortable ventilated adjustable seating system with lumbar support.
  • Seats can folded for extra space on the deck.
  • It is Leak-proof one-piece construction.
  • Moulded-in Carry handles for easy transportation.
  • It comes with replaceable skid plates.
  • Enough storage space along with a closed hatch given at the centre. There is also a cup holder at ideal position.
  • Multiple footrest positions for comfortable paddling.

Who Should Buy Tribe 9.5 Kayak?

You might be think that where you should Buy Tribe 9.5 kayak or not? Therefore, I am adding this little section for you.

Perception Tribe 9.5 is a perfect kayak for you if you are looking for a vessel who performs well in light waves in ocean and can also be used for surf. It is a compact style kayak that is very easy to maneuver and it is easily transportable.

If you are beginner paddler and want something stable, fast and easy to handle kayak then Tribe 9.5 is a perfect for you.

Perception Kayaks | Tribes Series

Perception Tribe Family!

Actually, Perception Kayaks has launched Tribe has a family which has three members including; Tribe 9.5, Tribe 11.5 and the Tribe 13.5 Tandem kayak. The number represents the length of the vessel.

Tribe 11.5

Perception Tribe 11.5 review, Perception Tribe 11.5

The Perception Kayak Tribe 11.5 is 2 feet longer than Tribe 9.5 that gives you some extra room on deck. It has 50 pounds additional storage capacity as compared to Tribe 9.5. Moreover, it is one inch narrower than former version which helps in better speed and manoeuvrability. It is a perfect kayak for beginners to professional paddlers.

Tribe 13.5 Tandem Kayak

Tribe 13.5 review, Perception Tribe 13.5 review, Perception Tribe 13.5 tandem kayak

The Tribe 13.5 is 4 feet larger than its base variant: it is a tandem Sit on Top kayak which is perfect for family adventure. It has a whooping capacity of 500 pounds. It comes with two padded ventilated seats. It also has a room to fit in a child or your pet.

It has two small storage hatches given at the front of each seat. The 13.5 tribe kayak is also 2.5″ wider than 9.5 variant which enhances the comfort level on the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions!


Can Tribe Kayak be used for Taller paddlers?
A. Since, A tribe kayak has enough room on the deck and there are multiple footrests given which makes it a perfect kayak for taller paddlers.
Is Tribe Kayak good for Ocean paddling?
A. Yes, it can track well on ocean as well. The hull design and stability makes it a perfect kayak for ocean waves and surf.
How does this kayak track?
A. Being a Compact kayak, it tracks pretty effectively.


So this was my detailed in-depth review on Perception Kayak Tribe 9.5. I am sure now you must have a clear idea about this vessel and whether it should fit your needs or not.

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