Kayaking is becoming more popular water sports day by day. There are many people who are coming towards kayaking and wanted to explore rivers, lakes, oceans on it. A best Kayak ensures speed, stability, safety, comfort, and adrenalin rush at the same.

Whether you enjoy calm paddling or looking forward to get heads on with fast rapids, there are kayaks available for all type of paddlers. In order to help you out, I am sharing a list of some of the Best Kayaks on the market right now.

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The Best Kayaks!

Kayaks BrandWeight Price
Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing KayakLifetime50 pounds
Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Foot Sit In KayakSun Dolphin31 pounds
Intex Explorer K2 KayakIntex31 pounds
Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Pakage KayakSea Eagle26 pounds
Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS Sit In KayakSun Dolphin31 pounds
Lifetime Youth Wave Kid’s KayakLifetime18 pounds
Lifetime 10 Foot Sit On Top Fishing KayakLifetime60 pounds
Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem KayakOcean Kayak57 pounds
Vibe Skipjack 90 KayakVibe42 pounds
Advanced Elements Two-Person KayakAdvanced Elements36 pounds

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak

This is a Sit on top Fishing Kayak which is made up of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene.

It features a seat with backrest along with multiple footrest positions for comforting ride. It also features a seat pad for sitting on the deck.

This also has 2 Flush Mounted Fishing Rod Holders and One Top Mount Fishing Rod Holder to save up the space smartly. Along with that, there is an open storage at the front and rear with chord.

There are two fixed rod holders at the back of the seat and one rotational holder at the front.

It features incredible stability and great tracking which has a weight capacity of 275 lbs.

Why this Kayak?
    • 3 fishing pole holders
    • Multiple footrest position
    • Adjustable padded seat
    • 2 storage hatches
    • Impact Resistance

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 12 ft
Width: 31 inches
Depth: 14 inches
Weight: 50 pounds
Maximum Capacity: 275 pounds

LEO's Choice

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 Foot Sit In Kayak

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is the best sit on top Kayak as per the reviews of existing customers and my own research. It comes up with a portable accessory carrier. You just need to get it and start the action

Large comfortable seating area, thigh pads and adjustable foot braces makes your kayaking experience comfortable like never before.

It offers maximum stability against the unpredictable conditions of kayaking. Since, it is a sit on top kayak, so it gives you a more flexibility and control to move around. Dry storage compartment along with shock cord deck rigging allow you to store some extra stuff in there.

This is the best kayak for the money which is extremely light weight that let you track and paddle with ease against the strong river currents.

This Kayak is made up of UV-stabilized Fortifiex High Density Polyethylene which ensure that it does not get fade or weak on long paddles.

It also comes up with a paddle holder on board which let you paddle freely

Why this Kayak?
    • Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex High Density Polyethylene material
    • Dry Storage Compartment
    • Portable Accessory Carrier
    • Paddle Holder
    • Comfortable Seating & Thigh pads


Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 10’
Weight: 31 lbs
Material: UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs

Best Priced!

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak 

This is the best tandem kayak one could have to get on water. It includes; adjustable inflatable seat with backrest and spacious cockpit .

It also includes; two paddles, a pump, and removable skeg for directional stability while paddling against strong river currents.

The Intex Explorer K2 Kayak is the most visible kayak. It is made up of heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl which make sure that it stand firm on rocky shores. It has 2 separate air chambers that makes it very light weight and easy to transport.

This sit on top kayak features removable and adjustable seat perfect for any size person.

It is a one of the best Kayaks for lakes or mild rivers that gives you full control over it.

Why this Kayak?
    • 2 Fully adjustable seats with backrest
    • Removable skeg for stability
    • Heavy Duty puncture resistant vinyl
    • 2 Separate air chambers
    • Very light in weight

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 10’ 3”
Weight: 31 lbs
Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs
Material: Heavy duty puncture resistant vinyl

Number 4

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Pro Pakage Kayak

Being a low price inflatable Kayak, it comes up with great package which includes; two AB30 Paddles, removable seats, repair kit, carrying bag and inflatable skeg.

It has a 3 person capacity which weighs around 650 lbs and it is perfect for families or paddlers who like to carry lots of stuffs. You can easily take this Kayak to still lakes or surf the ocean as it is suitable for Class III whitewater.

This is salt and sun resistant making it a durable budget kayak which is perfect for long surfing.

You can also bring out your dog on water – the hull of this kayak is tough enough to withstand dog claws and pawns.

This is a portable kayak that can fit into a storage bag in spite of having a storage space for camping stuffs and supplies.

This also include self-bailing drain valve which is designed to remove water from the cockpit area. The water is discharged through the transom, the “back wall” of the boat. This feature is very handy when surfing in whitewater river or ocean.

Being a rigid kayak, it still carries a repair kit in the package which keeps you on the safe side always.

Why this Kayak?
    • Lightweight & portable kayak
    • Self-bailing drain valve
    • NMMA Certified
    • 2 skeg at the bottom
    • SOLO use with multiple people

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 12’ 6”
Weight: 26 lbs
Width: 34”
Capacity: 650 lbs
Material: PolyKrylar

Number 5

Sun Dolphin Bali 10 SS Sit In Kayak

This is another best lightweight Kayak on my list and it gets almost everything you are looking for. The package includes; kayak, backpack, paddle and a pump.

It is very easy to setup and approximately takes 5 minutes to setup and take it on the water. It features Tarpaulin bottom which provides additional protection from punctures. Moreover, its 21-gauge PVC construction is perfect for lake use.

It also has great safety features like having multiple air chambers which keep the kayak floating if one chamber get punctured.

The backpack of this kayak is very unique which can be turned into a seat. Moreover, the existing seat of the kayak comes with a backrest which let you enjoy the ride comfortably.

This also features double double lock valves which use two locking points for quick and easy inflation or deflation.

It has got a decent storage stuffs necessary along with a cup holder adding perk to your comfortable paddling.

Why this Kayak?
    • 5 minute setup to make it ready for the water
    • Backpack that can be converted into a seat
    • Very lightweight and portable
    • Multiple air chamber
    • 90 Days Warranty

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 10’
Weight: 31 lbs
Material: UV-stabilized Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene
Maximum Capacity: 250 lbs

Number 6

Lifetime Youth Wave Kid’s Kayak

The Lifetime Youtwave Kayak is designed for kids and it is one of the best Kids Kayak available out there. I would strongly recommend this, if you are looking for Children’s kayak.

The design of this Kayak is really amazing and perfect for the kids. There are six colors available to choose from along with matching paddles.

This only weighs 18lb which is light enough for kids to carry it alone. There are molded finger handles on each side of the kayak which make it easier for the children to easily transport it. It is perfect for the families who love to kayak together.

It features ergonomic Cockpit Design which helps to enhance the balance motor skills. Having a weight capacity of 130lb makes it perfect for 2 children to ride it comfortably (age ranges for 5 & up with adult supervision).

Why this Kayak?
    • Easy to carry
    • Impact Resistant
    • Ultra Stability
    • Molded finger handles
    • Impact Resistance

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 6’
Weight: 18 lbs
Width: 24’’
Maximum Capacity: 130 lbs
Material:High-density Polyethylene

Sweet Seven!

Lifetime 10 Foot Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

The Lifetime 10 Foot Sit on Top Fisher Kayak is another one of the best river Kayak that one get in a reasonable price. The company has been generous with their package which includes; 2 double-sided paddles, paddle clips, 2 padded backrests, 3 fishing pole holders, and a 6 inches storage hatch.

This kayak is designed for 3 person and has a weight capacity of 500lb. Whereas it weighs only 60lb, making it easy to transport from one place to another. It also features multiple footrest for different size of riders so that one can ride comfortably.

There are three fishing pole holders so that saves space on your kayak. The hull of this kayak is designed to provide extra stability and great tracking. Moreover, the high density UV-Protected Polyethylene HDPE Construction protects the kayak from Fading, Cracking, and Peeling.

This sit on top kayak can easily handle waves up to 3 feet waves and experienced kayakers can take it to 6 feet waves. This kayak comes up with 5 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Why this Kayak?
    • 3 Fishing Pole holders
    • Multiple footrest positions
    • 6 inches storage hatch
    • Ultra stable
    • 5 Year Warranty

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 10’
Weight: 60 lbs
Width: 36”
Maximum Capacity: 500 lbs
Material: Polyethylene

Number 8!

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit on Top Recreational Kayak is among the best ocean kayak. You can enjoy the sun with three seating position which supports solo, tandem, or tandem paddling with a child or pet.

This open ocean kayak features two seats which are four way adjustable which provides custom fit and greater slip prevention as compare to molded seats.

It features patented overlapping foot wells allow the center seated paddler to sit and ride comfortably. It also features a pair of molded-in handles and skid plate to ensure that it stays intact on rocky shores.

It has an amazing weight capacity of 425lb allow you to easily add an external hatch and store your important stuffs. It is very lightweight which makes it easily transportable.

Why this Kayak?
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Removable custom fit seats
    • Foot wells to ensure utmost comfort
    • Internal storage
    • Skid Plates
    • Maximum capacity of 425lbs

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 12’
Weight: 57 lbs
Width: 34”
Maximum Capacity: 425 lbs
Materials: Polyethylene

Number 9!

Vibe Skipjack 90 Lightweight Shipping Recreational Kayak

Vibe Skipjack 90 is among the best recreational kayak which is a one person sit on top kayak. This 90 feet long kayak is easy to handle and perfect for fishing and through.

It has a weighing capacity of 300lb which makes it perfect to store fishing gears. There are four flush-mount rod holders. It also includes;  V-Wave Center hatch and storage wells with bungee ties to load all of your gears.

This is also very comfortable featuring ergonomic backrest and cushion let you ride comfortably for the whole day. It also features paddle holders to add some extra comfort to your ride.

Why this Kayak?
    • 1 person sit on top fishing kayak
    • 4 4 flush-mount rod holders
    • Very light in weight
    • V-Wave Center Hatch & storage wells
    • Ultra stable
    • Paddle holders

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 9’
Weight: 42 lbs
Width: 32”
Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs
Material: High density polyethylene

The 10th!

Advanced Elements Inflatable Two-Person Kayak

Advanced Elements Inflatable kayak is the most rigid kayak in my list as it features aluminum ribs define the bow and stern which also improves the tracking. There are three layers of material which make this kayak extreme puncture resistant.

There are six air chambers which ensure that you stay afloat whenever any chamber is punctured. It weighs only 52lb and it has a capacity of 550lbs making it perfect to store all of your gears.

The adjustable padded seats provide utmost comfort to the paddlers for hours of riding. Package includes; carry bag, two folding seat, a repair kit, and an owner’s manual.

Why this Kayak?
    • Aluminium ribs for tracking improvement
    • 3 layers of material for extreme puncture resistent
    • 2 Adjustable padded seats
    • V-Wave Center Hatch & storage wells
    • 6 air chambers
    • Easy to setup

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Model & Accessory Specs

Length: 10’ 5”
Weight: 36 lbs
Width: 32’
Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs
Material: Polyethylene

What is a Kayak?

Before moving forward, let me address the most basic query that, “What is a Kayak?”

Kayak, also known as Yaks, is a small watercraft which are propelled by pedals.

The traditional kayak has a covered deck along with one or more cockpits having a seat for each paddler. Usually, cockpit is covered by spray deck to prevent entering of water or waves.

There are two types of Kayaks; one is SOT Kayaks (Sit-On- Top) and other is SIK (Sit-Inside-Kayak)

SOT (Sit-ON-Top) Kayak

In this Kayak, the paddler sit on molded-in depression on top of the kayak. It has similar hull shape.

Sit-on-Top Kayak
SIK (Sit-Inside-Kayak)

In this Kayak, the paddler sit inside the kayak. The cockpit is covered with skirt to prevent the entering of water.

Sit Inside Kayak

Both the SOT or SIK kayaks are used in different seasons. SOT kayaks are more preferred in Summer or mild winter season and SIK are preferred in cold winter season.

Different types of kayaks serve different type of needs like; Fishing, Camping, Diving, Racing, touring Kayaks for ocean, Kayaks for rivers, Kayaks for small ponds.

Kayaks are also further categorized to Recreational (Budget friendly), Fishing, Whitewater Kayaks, Hybrid Kayaks or Canoe, SUP.

How to Choose the Best Kayak for me?

There are lots of factors to consider while choosing a kayak and it can be a challenging task.

However, I have narrowed down the process of selecting a best kayak to two major decisions. What type of Kayak should I select and what purpose do I need the Kayak for?

Types of Kayaks & Purpose of Kayak

Let me discuss all the available types of Kayaks here and talk about their feature to decide which can be best for you.

Sit On Top Recreational Kayak

Sit On Top Recreational kayaks are designed to feel the air and sit outside the Kayak which gives a paddler more control over it. It is a perfect kayak to paddle around in summer.

sit on top kayak, sot kayak, Sit-On-Top Kayaks

These boats can be used for scuba diving or even for a dinghy to get to your sailboat.

Usually, these types of Kayaks have decent amount of capacity to carry your gears. You need to look for dry hatches and enough storage space whenever you are opting for a sit on top recreational kayak.

Being an open Kayak, water is bound to come into it while you surf that is why these kayaks come with drain plugs. So this is the exclusive feature you need to study before buying any sit on kayak.

These are perfect for experts as well as beginners. Since these kayaks don’t require any type of special training or expertise to handle them. If it goes out of control, you simply need to jump off as compare to close kayaks where you need a training to evacuate in case of emergency.

    • These kayaks are best to take on lakes and small ponds, but for rivers (whitewater), these are limited.
    • These Sit on top Recreational kayaks can serve the following purpose;
    • These are best for fishing, diving, & family.
    • They are good for camping.
    • They have limited features if you are looking for a racing kayak.

Sit Inside Kayak

These are the kayak where paddler site inside a cockpit. Spray skirts are used to keep the water outside the cockpit.

Sit inside Kayak, SI Kayak, sit in kayak,

Sit in Kayaks requires training and proper knowledge before starting; therefore, I will not recommend it for the beginners.

It has got more storage in the hull to store all of your fishing and other gears. It protects the paddler in rough water.

    • These kayaks are best for lakes and Small ponds whereas good for rivers (whitewater)
    • These Sit Inside Kayaks can be good for the following purpose;
    • These are best for Shipping & family (multi seats)
    • Good for Racing & camping.
    • Limited for diving due to closed cockpit.

Touring Kayaks

Touring Kayaks are specifically designed for long distance trips which can be of 24 hours. Long thin shape allows them to cut through the water easily while their long length allow them to brave the swells of oceans.

Touring Kayak

These are suggested for intermediate and expert paddlers as they can be way too fast for beginners to handle.

The rounded shape of these kayak makes it stable while in motion and makes it tippy while stationary.

Best kayak for touring is the one which has lots of storage space as paddler will need lots of stuffs in long distance touring.

Seat is one of the most important aspect of any touring kayak since they are meant for long distance. Seat is directly related to your comfortable touring. If the seat is too much padded then it won’t give any grip in rough water. And if it is too firm then it won’t be comfortable for long rides.

A high quality touring kayak seat has a four way adjustable seats along with straps and belts for safety. It can fit any size person very comfortably. There is a hidden compartment under the seat to store the valuable stuffs dry.

Another comfort aspect is the cockpit, it should be wide enough to store your blanket for cold weather. The feet should have enough room to move comfortably without any hindrances as it would help you to easily evacuate the boat in case of emergency.

In conclusion, the touring kayak must be comfortable and strong enough at the same time to easily handle rough water easily.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayak is considered as the masterpiece of kayak companies. In a fast moving world, everything is becoming compact and portable and Kayak companies have put their contribution by making inflatable kayaks.

Inflatable kayak, Inflatable kayak, kayaks
Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayak has made the life of paddlers easy and sorted as they can carry their kayak in a small backpack. These are definitely a best option for solo paddlers or families. They are very easy to inflate and deflate.

These inflatable kayaks are made up of thick material, typically PVC which provide amazing durability as a rigid boat. PVC material makes the kayak light and unbreakable at the same time.

Usually, there is a capacity of two or more kayakers inside an inflatable kayak. Checkout our Full guide on Inflatable Kayaks here.

Kayaks for Fishing

Kayaks are widely used for fishing by families or friends to spend some quality time. Fishing Kayaks are used by many fishermen too. There is a wide range of kayaks for fishing ranging from rigid boats to portable easy to carry kayaks.

Most of the fishing boats are equipped with fishing rod which free up your hand to hold a cold beer while enjoying the view on your kayak.

These kayaks also come up with paddle holders which is also a safety feature. As these paddle holder can be life saving while you try to reel up a tricky catch with free hands. It can be dangerous in the middle of the lake without paddle holders.

Fishing needs a good amount of gears to accompany you; therefore, you need to make sure that your boat has enough space. So, a decent storage is one of the main feature for any fishing kayak.

Kayaks for Ocean Fishing

This is one of the type of Fishing Kayak. When deciding to go out in an open ocean then you will need a most reliable and best kayak equipped with all the safety features.

The Ocean Fishing Kayak are made with most durable material and are capable of handling rough waves of ocean. It is recommended to take a long boat that can handle the rough swells. It typically ranges from
15 to 20 feet long.

Stability is another feature to look for while finalizing the ocean Kayak. I would recommend a boat with rounded hull as it keeps the boat stable and amazing at taking corners.

You also have to take care of the storage since you will be out in the ocean. It should have enough storage to store all your fishing gears and important stuffs.

You need to look for a boat that is made up of plastic and can withstand the saltwater. It will increase the lifespan of your boat drastically.

I would recommend Ocean Kayak Malibu for this.

Kayaks for River Fishing

Whenever you are looking for a kayak fishing then you need to make sure that your kayak can handle the unpredictable current.

Stability is the feature you need to look for in a kayak for fly fishing that can make your kayaking experience smooth in the river. A shorter kayak is recommended for this – typically 10 feet long.

Most of the short kayaks comes with the paddle and fishing rod holder which can saves some of your space.


I would recommend you Sun Dolphin’s Bali SS for this.

Tandem Kayak

Tandem Kayaks are designed for the paddlers who love to paddle with their partner or family. Material is one of the most important factor to consider while going for two-person kayak.

Tandem Kayak

2 person kayak need to durable and strong enough to carry the weight of two persons and their belongings. I would recommend you to look for high end PVC or vinyl material kayak. As it would be strong and light in weight at the same time.

Kayak for 2 person is generally little heavier than single person kayak as more material is used on 2 person kayaks.

Tandem boats are really very easy to setup and carry. They come very handy in terms of mobility. If you are not going to carry a partner with you then you may use the second seat for storing your gears.

I would recommend tandem kayak with at least 400lbs weighing capacity. It will allow you and your paddling partner to easily fit in.

Pleasure Kayak

These are the kayak which are specially designed for the people who are only looking for pleasure and or looking kayak as a weekend activity only. Still, these kayaks are strong enough to take you through rough water very easily.

The main feature to look into recreational kayaks is the comfort. So you need to look for perfect seats with comfortable backrest.

It should also focus on the storage as there should be enough space to store all your camping, fishing, or photography gears.

Hands Free Kayaks

Kayaks very much among people who like to keep their hands free as these kayaks are propelled by the feet.

Pedal kayak have gained a lot of popularity among people as they are very easy to propel and can be taken to anywhere.

Normal kayaks work on your upper body, on the other hand Hands free kayaks work on your lower body as it involves your legs.

Since, these boats involves little technology therefore they are little high in price. A normal pedal powered kayak may cost you around $1000.

What’s the Best kayak for Beginners?

It is one of the most common question asked by the beginners that what is the best kayak for them.

I would recommend you to look for rental kayak first – see if you can find a company who can rent a kayak to you and you can learn basics of kayaking on that.

You may find a lot of companies which may offer Kayaks for hire ad there you may have variety of options available. Moreover, renting a kayak also gives you a flexibility of trying different kayaks first and then deciding on your purchase.

Ones you know the basic then you are good to go and get your own Kayak.

Do make sure that you take safety very seriously while deciding on beginners kayaks.

When is the Best Time to Buy a Kayak?

Lets discuss a best time to purchase a kayak. If I answer it in short then it all depends on you and your requirements.

However, in generic you can purchase the kayak before the season or in the Spring And Fall.

Seasonal paddling

If you are looking to get a kayak for an special time of the year or any particular season then I would recommend you to buy it before the start of the season You may steal the deal.

Or there are few brands who host ending season sales on kayaks so you may find a reasonable kayak in such sales. If you live in a warm area then it might be hard for you to get such deals.

Spring And Fall

Spring & Fall season is considered a good season to buy a Kayak as in that time you may find a lot of ending season sales where companies are getting rid of old stock.

In the fall, there is usually a lesser demand for kayaks which creates an opportunity for you to score a kayak in low rates. if you are planning to buy a sit inside kayak then you can kit it out with spray skirt and use that kayak in summers as well.

In a nutshell, it does not matter when you buy a kayak, what ater is that you are going to acquire an asset that is going to benefit you in coming years.


There are lots of frequently asked questions about Kayaks and here I am adding all the relevant questions for your assistance.

Q. How Hard is kayaking?

A. Kayaking is an amazing activity which do involve a lot of physical accessory. Your upper body need to be strong to surf around and if your lower body is more powerful then you may go for pedal kayaks.

It is not that difficult to kayak though it requires some stamina that you may built over a period of time and not to forget about the techniques.

Q. What are the benefits of a Kayak over a canoe?

A. Kayaks are much easy to control and handle than canoe. The paddle let you cut through the water which helps you to maintain a fast speed. The lightweight makes it very portable and easy to handle.

What Should I Know about Kayaking before going?

A. I would like to answer this in bullets. So below is the checklist I think you should know before going for kayaking.

        • You must know how to swim.
        • DO NOT wear Jeans.
        • Waterproof base layers – to protect you in cold weather.
        • Wear wet-suit boots.
        • Practice balance and stability in still water.
        • Practice how to upright an overturned kayak.
        • Learn the navigation rules
        • Be prepared for the worst weather.